Finally time to sort garage

It’s been a long time since I had a chance to get to the garage, what with fitting conservatory, doors, windows, flooring, garden gates, patios, bin storage and fixing the T4.

I’ve been wanting to loft the garage for a while now but didn’t have the funds to buy the wood I needed until a local building site decided to sell off some of there excess materials on Facebook. So instead of £37 a sheet of 18mm OSB from the local builders merchant, I managed to get 6 sheets for £10 each! They were also already moisture protected and painted on one side. Bonus!

So a quick trip with the t4 soon had them loaded up.

They all fitted, just, and apart from a few nails they were all good.

Transferring them to the garden was a bit heavy going on my own and I was planning on storing them in the garage but they wouldn’t fit without a lot of moving stuff around so I put them in the space my Mrs just finished cleaning. This meant that I had to move them to the garage ASAP!

The next day I started clearing the garage of all the stuff that was in the way.

Plenty of wood and lots of other bits and piece’s but I can now see the beetle after being buried for a year.

Shifting the boards into the loft needed a bit of muscle work and prior planning. The light fitting had to be removed and lots of random nails needed to be removed.

The first board went up followed by the rest of them. I started laying the boards as I went but forgot I needed space to get the other boards up before I fill in all the gaps.

Because I’m not fitting heavier beams to the loft I have to keep the weight down up here so light stuff only and I’m thinking about fitting shelves to the central wall.

Lifting the final board was a relief and I decided to leave it for now before cutting and fully fitting the board. I did sort some of my stuff ready to do a tip run (waste disposal) but everything not water proof had to go back into the garage.

More to follow with cutting, fitting and painting the boards. Then fitting lights, ladder and shelves. Will add as I go.

Got all the boards in and screwed down so now time for a clean up and paint

Then like I said, shelves made from some off cut floor beam I saved from doing the conservatory floor.

A few LED lights finished everything up and gave me some light to work with. Still in process of sorting through stuff and moving it up but making progress and while I’m on a roll I managed to pick up a new door.

Still work in progress but I am progressing. The house is still my main drain but hopefully will get to the beetle soon.

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