BoilerJuice bad reviews (DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY) and heating oil delivery problems!

Well this April has been a bad one and really affected me so I think I will put it on the internet.

I had a subscription account with BoilerJuice, a bit of a waste of money now with the savings accounts getting better interest rates, where I pay £5.99 a month, to them to manage my fuel deliveries. My house isn’t on the gas main so it runs off heating oil from a 1100 litre tanks.

On late March early April I get a notification that a delivery of fuel oil will be delivered shortly. Since my tank is fitted with a fuel level tank unit, I check the level on their website which is recorded at 50%. Me being me I go physically check the oil level with a dip stick and sight glass and they correspond.

So the delivery happens, westernfuel delivers my fuel.

I’m home fixing my kitchen floor so don’t hear the door but do notice the receipt posted through the letter box saying 500 litres have been delivered. Happy days I thought but once again me being me I go and check my tank.

And it’s still only half full.

Strange I think so I get straight on to boilerjuice saying there is something wrong with my delivery.

I also check there website where the record of my tank unit is kept

And it reads 58% full so I’ve just been change just short of £400 for around 90 litres of fuel!

Great I thought, let’s get this sorted so I send BoilerJuice all the information over email. They reply initially asking for a few extra bits of information, which I send.

Then silence. I ring, I email but no reply. Then after a month I get “sorry the computer on the truck says you got 500 litres so we’re not going to refund you”

What a kick in the teeth!

They just called me a liar.

Even with physical evidence and all the pictures in the world but because a computer with a standard fuel flow meter says I got 500 litre that is what they will go with.

So I go direct to Westernfuel and they say the same thing!

I order another 500litres of fuel direct with Westernfuel to prove my tank, which only holds 1100litres, hasn’t got the original 500 lites in it but still nothing.

So now I’m left massively out of pocket. I’ve sent the details to trading standard but I’m not hopeful.

This is a word of warning, don’t use Boulerjuice they are a waste of money and cost you £75 a year to do bugger all and then skim off the money you save for oil by adding a few pence per litre on ever order. They also collect the interest of your money you place in their hands so to save yourself a lot of money (I have a 5% interest rate account and it’s at least £225 (£150 in interest plus the admin fee) difference a year, not including the difference on an actual delivery) then steer well clear of this company. You’re wasting your money!

Another word of warning, check your tank before and after the deliveries. Record these checks on your phone because you never know if you receive cappuccino ( frothy oil) or an actual delivery. The tanker computers can’t tell the difference.

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