Having a look in daylight gave me a good indication on what I will be putting myself through.

Not as bad as first thought.

I was after a basket case and it was certainly that but it had one good high point, there was no previous repairs, no major patches or welding.

The only bits of welding I could see was the right rear panel and a few badly fixed patches that feel off when pulled, all down the right side.

The rear had been cut off for a wizard kit, then modified for a countryman pickup kit. The floor pans were shot and the bottom of the heater channels weren’t attached. Other issues included the left door hinges rusted shut, drivers seat rusted solid and the tyres didn’t hold air.

All in all pretty much as expected.

From front to back:

  1. bumper bent and rusted through,
  2. front valance rusted on both edges,
  3. spare wheel well shot but filled with nuts, bolts and washers,
  4. inner wings/fenders rusted on heater channel closing panels both sides,
  5. bonnet seal mount gone
  6. front bulkhead lower edge shows daylight
  7. heater channels not attached to bottom of A pillars
  8. passengers door hinge doesn’t hinge and door frame bent
  9. lower door skins rusted both doors
  10. no floor pan drivers side (battery tray is a large hole)
  11. no rear and no strength in any position on the body

Parts missing:

  1. engine
  2. keys
  3. rear of car including, rear wings, glass, engine lid, roof lights
  4. Rear bumper
  5. Spare wheel

Parts included in sale

  1. RH floor pan but has been chopped slightly
  2. both heater channels
  3. new bonnet
  4. boxes of bits
  5. fibreglass reproduction countryman pickup kit ( not fitting)

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