The big revile was a long time coming because there was something else I forgot to disconnect like the z link at the back but once out I had my first full indication on the amount of work I had to do before I start my body modifications.

First task was to give it a good clean by picking up the big bits, sweeping up the medium bits and vacuum cleaning the little bits. This gave me a clean but rusty chassis to work with, I did toil with the idea of jet washing it after a good scrub with some degreaser but I didn’t get around to it but I later wished I had! The front and rear of the assembly was covered in oil, grease and years of road dirt, which if I had had jet washed would of come off pretty easily but instead I had to do it buy hand as I went. Hint JET WASH AND DEGREASE BEFORE YOU START STRIPPING but make sure you’re able to dry it after…..

I had to move the chassis to the garden because I didn’t have a long enough extension lead to weld at the garage at the time so after pumping up the tyres again, I wheeled the chassis over to my back gate. My back gate is a single width gate and isn’t set up to wheel car projects in and out of so I had to think of a way to get the chassis into the garden. It was too heavy to lift over the fence, the fence could be removed so I had to go through the gate. To reduce the weight a bit I removed the front beam assembly Hint: BATH THE FRONT FOUR BOLTS IN WD40 BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO REMOVED. I did but I still broke one and I had to use a breaker bar to remove them!

The beam is pretty heavy and unwieldy when on its own so try to get some help when moving it. I had some wooden boards lying around so I put the front wheels on the boards and I was able to drag the beam sideways through the gate and get it out of the way behind the shed. Next, the chassis was lifted onto its side and rested against a handy tree because It Won’t Balance on its rear wheel rims alone.


Looking at the chassis on its side shows up how far the pans have gone in rust and it’s also fun to scare my wife with the amount of work I was setting myself to do.

I managed to blag an old long board off my friend next door and with him looking on ( he had broken ribs so no help there) I balanced the front of the pan on the long board and by lifting and balancing the back I managed to get the whole thing into the garden.

To save the garden I put down a large plastic sheet and wheeled the chassis on to it and propped up the front end with a couple of axel stands. Over the next couple of days I removed the brake master cylinder and pipe lines, pedal assembly, gear stick, hand brake and what was left of the drivers seat. Ready to start on removing the floor pans.

Next purchase: LH Floor pan

Next freebies: RH Front Floor pan, from mate that I just finished spraying his bug for.

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