Back to the garage

All the major work done, the chassis needed to get back to the garage. Mainly due to Wife’s instructions but also due to health of garden.

It’s had been in the garden for 3 weeks so I had to devise a plan to get it out. The previous technique worked ok but that was when I wasn’t worried about causing damage to the floors but now I need a  better plan.

It had to go out back through the gate so it had to be on its side. I’m on my own again so I needed support for the frame head to keep the weight off the new floor pans. I started to think of making a support ‘A’ frame with wheels but costing it for money and time, I decided against it and bought a cheap engine stand. It was an ideal height, could take the weight and easy to fit to the front beam bolt holes. It also had good caster wheels and I can reuse it for the engine work.

To fit the engine stand on to the front of the chassis I had to raise one of the rear wheels up onto blocks to get the right angle so I can bolt the stand to the frame head then rotate the chassis on to its side. The engine stand supported the whole chassis in the vertical position with the locking pin which made it so much easier to move around by lifting and push on the rear wheels.



Once out it went back down onto its rear wheels and after unbolting the stand, I “wheelbarrowed” the chassis back to the garage.IMG_3993.JPG


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