More work on the bottom

Another good day so out of the garage and back on its side again.

This time I decided to sort out the pedal mount problem with a big hammer and after a couple of hits the pedals fitted perfectly.

The next job was to remove the seat sliders I don’t need, so a quick couple of cuts with a thin cutting disc they came off quickly.

Another hour of wire brushing and grinding of welds had the chassis ready for paint.

A couple of coats of red oxide primer had all the bits painted and ready for a bit of seam sealer.

I decided to leave a bit of the old sound proofing on the chassis and I’m going to paint over it rather than remove it paint then put new stuff back down (If it ain’t broke…..).

Also I did notice a bit of gearbox oil leakage from the split gaitors while the chassis was on its side so I’m going to try and re seat these later.

Hint: If your after a good finish with seam sealer then use a bit of masking tape to get a good straight line and a thin seam. (I didn’t but I’m going for fictional rather than perfection)

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