Outside work on the bottom

finally some good weather!

A chance to get the chassis back on its side for a good scrub before paint.

Getting the pan on the engine stand is getting easier but it’s just slightly at the wrong angle to make it a simple method of tilting the chassis. First bolt on the engine stand frame to the frame head then lift one of the rear wheels to a good height I used a couple of wheels and a bit of wood. Then fit the frame to the stand and lift the raised wheel. It’s a reasonable weight but not something I recommend if you haven’t a strong back.

Getting the old under seal off was the first job and after a little trial and error I found the best and quickest way was to use a paint scraper, which picked off the under seal in big chunks.

Then a quick buzz with the wire brush the whole thing was cleaned up in an hour.


A small repair was needed around a couple of bolt holes which I just patched ready to drill later.


A couple of welds needed a bit more metal to fill the gaps but it’s now ready for a good prime.

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