Stalled but not forgotten

Since my struggle with the ball joints things have stalled a bit but I’m planning my next move.

My task list is getting shorter but I still have one more ball joint to fit because a bent one during my last try so I had to buy a new one!


As soon as I get the front back together I have to focus on doing the little bits on the chassis to get it to a place where I can focus on the body.

My plan for the body is to first get it back down on the pan but to avoid and pan damage I’m going to be masking and padding the places where the body will touch the pan. I’m going attempt to bolt the front and rear mounts to align the whole car then it’s cutting time.  I’ll start on the drivers side and cut out the heater channel and then maybe the bottom of the A post. Once this heater channel Is complete and the drivers door is set with good panel gaps, I will have a fixed position to work from. Fingers crossed……



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