A quick update, heater channel replacement

Got the old heater Channel out and it was so far gone it virtually fell out. Got a few days of cleaning up ahead of me but I decided to make my own repair panels for the front.

Stages to tackle:

repair lower A pillar.

Clean bottom of B pillar

fit heater channel

repair front inner wing.

For the time being I’m leaving the front bulkhead because I want to completely remove the inner panel  so I can fully repair and weather proof but I do need strength back in the body before I tackle this, so both heater channels will be in and the body will be lifted.

Ive also split the repair panel for the lower A pillar so I can properly repair the inner and outer parts on the car.

I started cleaning off the rubbish black paint from the repair panels as well, the primer I’m using at the moment is weld through so I shouldn’t have to remove it before tackling the repairs.

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