Long time wait but not forgotten

Since having the alignment issue I’ve been spending some time figuring out a permanent solution and my first idea is to get the back done so I can fix the alignment against it.

First things first, get the engine back together. Like with most things on this car it needs a good clean and a paint. It’s been standing for a long time so I need to get some fresh oil inside as well as check everything as I go. Step one get the exhaust system off which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The heat exchangers had the usual rust on the rear pipes and they were covered in greasy residue.

Heat exchangers

Lots of soapy water and a jet wash cleaned these up nicely but they have to wait a bit for repairs when I got time.

Lower tinware got the same treatment and a few quick repairs using the welder. These had all sorts or problems like broken fasteners and rusted flanges but using a little time sorted these nicely.

Engine next. A good brush and hover got most of the debris off and then some engine degrease saw the rest of the crud removed. This takes time and I had to be methodical to get in all the nocks and crannies.

Next was time to take off the rocker covers for a clean and paint.

Lots of old oil and a little rust in here so I decided to take the rockers and push rods apart and give them a good clean and apply some new engine oil directly to parts here.

Easy to work on but a bit time consuming. Each part was laid out and cleaned then oiled and put back together.

Push rods were blown through and oil applied, the whole lot was then refitted to the engine.

Rocker covers were then painted and refitted with new gaskets (lots of grease around gasket for good seal) then refitted.

Tin wear and other parts were re fitted and the fan housing with dynamo slid over the oil cooler, straight onto my finger. Bloody hurt and destroyed my finger nail. So after a few expletives I finished off by removing the bottom pulley and lower tin wear so this area could be cleaned.

I also had a go at cleaning up the carb.

Now everything has been put on hold because as usual i’m moving house but by Easter I hope to finish getting the engine sorted and start to build around it ready to sort out the alignment and carry on with the welding. For now I’m going to let my finger heal and try to sort everything into boxes ready to move.

Also I’ve just bought a T4 camper so I have a few bits to sort on that as well.

Also the gearbox on the beetle has sprang a leak so I’ve added that to my list of things to do!

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