Alignment nightmares

Since I knew that the car body was all over the place what with rust, moving house, lifting and lowering, as well as the small problem of the rear missing, I thought I would have a look at the alignment. Bit of an importance due to the fact I want to build of off of what I already have.

So right first things first….

fit the doors……

The passenger side is first and low and behold it doesn’t fit. No surprise there..

What was a surprise was the fact that my welding caused the first issue.

I repaired the heater channel and lower A pillar and took the precautions of aligning as I went but like with everything I do, something went a little askew namely the lower A pillar.

I’m using a different door since the original cracked along the frame and wasn’t worth repairing but this wasn’t the issue. For some reason, between alignment and welding, the A pillar lower door mount had shifted about 5 mm forward so now ( Even though the hinge pins aren’t the best) the door sits too low and won’t lift over the heater channel/sil.

Nothing for it but to wip out the angle grinder and put a few cuts in.

I’ve put a couple in around the bottom of the pillar into my welds and one up the outer skin and a few more on the inside. Jacking the door up on the rear corner gave me the 5 mm adjustment so now a quick tack weld to fix it in place and a patch to fit on the 5mm gap in the skin.

The door kinda fits now but since there is no rear quarter panel behind the B pillar, to pull it rearward, the pillar has twisted inwards. Easily fixed for now using a big screwdriver to lever it back out and around the lip of the door. This will be fixed when I put a new rear quarter in place.

Now the biggy!!!!!

The windscreen and roof section has drooped!

No support on the B pillar top means no support on the windscreen and with all the rust means the body has warped. To hopefully Un-warp the body I’ve supported it with some wood and a very tight tie on the rear of the door. Leaving it like this for a few days might bring it back a little. Also I’ve stopped using the top of the car as a storage area… oops.

I’ve gone further than I need to due to the spring back but I might need to do more without the door shut to get the correct position but I won’t do that until I’m ready to start the rear of the body.

The windscreen pillar was tight against the door but with the supports in place I can align it perfectly but like I said before I’ve gone passed perfect to try and get it to stay perfect without me supporting it, if that makes sense…..

Since writing this I’ve been doing a bit of research and found that this is an old issue and many opinions on how to fix.

This is some extracts out of the manual.

Due to my body being cut up for modifications I don’t have this option but with a few tweaks here and there I can solve my issues.

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