Using my lunch breaks

Since time is always short I started to take small parts into work to clean up during my lunch breaks, lucky for me I work as an engineer so there is always a place I can go to get small jobs done for myself.

The parts so far I’ve managed to clean and paint at work are :

  1. The recovered body to chassis special washers
  2. brake pipe clips
  3. pedal assembly
  4. handbrake
  5. front and rear hubs
  6. axel tubes
  7. brake calliper

Then I pushed my luck a bit by doing the front beam and the gearbox. The front beam needed some welding on the torsion bar frames ( the upright bits of the beam) but cleaning it up at work helped with my timeline. Taking apart the front beam was pretty easy so I won’t go into depth here but I did have to cut the tops of the front shocks to get them off so those went in the bin.



Had to repair the bottom of the cover plate for the end of the pedals before I could paint so made up a little repair panel and welded it into place.

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