Car into boxes, Time To Move House!

Just like most of my life, everything comes last minute and this was no exception. Due to work I’m moving house while the car is in the most bits it’s going to be, not ideal but can’t be helped.

Everything went in a box except the body and the pan, didn’t have a plan for loading so it took a couple of trips in a rented Luton van to get everything moved but as a bonus I’ve moved into an attached garage with a light and power, also it’s slightly bigger.

My first task was to try and centralise all of the car into the garage but this was easier said than done due to space in the garage, having stuff amongst household things that were being packed and having a shed full of stuff. Throwing things in a box wasn’t a great idea so I tried to keep items together like brakes with hubs, front beam and steering, gearbox and axels. Everything Broken but not binned went in another box and all new parts went in more boxes. Plastic boxes with lids were in much use until they ran out so cardboard boxes became the secondary choice for lighter items.

After loading all my tools, boxes, shed and car parts into the van, there wasn’t much room for the actual car so a quick 4 hour round trip to the new place gave me an empty van to get the body and chassis in. At this point I was home alone and everybody had cleared off for work or trips away so as usual, I was on my own.

Getting the chassis into the van didn’t give me much problem with the aid of a furniture moving device from Lidl (plank with four caster wheels), and the handy tail lift attached to the van. It rolled straight in and then up on its side, out of the way. A quick point though, I protected the chassis as best as I could but the edge of the new pan was bent slightly while on its side. Also if you are doing this on your own make sure you can grab the rope or strap while you’re bracing the chassis against the wall, long arms needed…….

Getting the body in was a bit trickier, first it had to come off the trestles then into the van. A quick lift with the engine crane, braced with a bit of wood under the fuel tank opening, got the front off but the back became another karate kid adventure. A strap attached to each side and me lifting the strap inside the car while kicking over the rear trestle was a bit of a balancing act but it worked. Probably easier to do if the back was still attached but hay ho…

Next the front got put on a trolley jack while the caster wheels went under the back (after clearing away crane and trestles) , by the way, the garage looks smaller with no stuff in it!


Pushing and pulling got the front on the tail lift then it became a see saw act of balancing while raising the tail lift to the van door height. A quick bit of force saw the body into the van and me ruined and needing food and drink.

After a recharge, in went the trestles, crane and other car parts I found while doing the song and dance with the body. Then off to new place to repeat process in reverse.

At this point I have to mention a comment my wife said to me during the process of disembarkation. She asked, while I was in mid seesaw, why I restored cars, my reply at the time probably didn’t win any brownie points but I said it got me out of the house and I enjoy it, Which to be honest I wasn’t enjoying it at the time and I didn’t need reminding this was all my idea and the reason I had to do two extra journeys to move house!

But thinking back to the question, why I do restore cars gives me a few answers, it gives me things to talk about and normally the things that do go wrong or become ridiculously difficult are the bits we all remember and enjoy in the telling after the process of restoring a car. I have my own car, one that I can find in any car park without remembering where I put it and I can have a distraction from everyday stresses and think about something else other than work or family issues. These are as good a reason as any and there is more so I might post a list of reason at a later date but like many out there I do enjoy it but moving house with a restoration in progress is not reccomended.

Finishin up was pretty boring and unfortunately unpacking comes first before projects so the garage got filled and locked away ready for a good sort out and restart.


I didn’t move for the bigger garage, honest…….



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