Back to it

Finally back in the garage but where to start?

Every bit of floor space was taken up by boxes, tools and bikes so there was no space at all to work in!

Step one: Get body onto trestles

probably the most easiest to say but the hardest to do, I had stuff on top, around and inside the body so the first job was to get it out of the way onto the drive. All garden toys, bikes and tools went into the newly rebuilt and clean (for once) shed. Some parts like the seats went into the attic and a few things I didn’t need were sold or given away.

Step two: chassis on casters and under trestles.

The body went up on the trestles in a matter of minutes (practice makes perfect) and the chassis was lowered from its side onto casters and pushed under the body. With the garage being much bigger I can now work inside the garage with the door shut so the chassis went front in first so I can get the frame head tidied up.

Step three: boxes and bits

since everything was in stackable boxes, all the parts stayed in these and were stacked against the wall, alongside the new roof, engine, gearbox, wings and axels. The compressor and welder went in front of that kit and the tool boxes were put against the other wall. Wheels take up a lot of room so they were stacked flat as well, with boxes on top. The engine crane and stand were put in the corner but is in the way so I might dismantle If I get annoyed by them.

Step four: all the rest

I put up hooks and shelves to hold all my loose tools, oils, greases and paints so now I was ready to start work again.

Motivation at this put was high but time available was pretty low so with a bit of climbing over bits and boxes I could complete a few jobs.

First job I needed to do was to replace the frame head front beam mounting hole. This needed drilling out and tapping with a eBay  purchased tap (m12 x 1.5) due to me breaking the rusted bolt when I removed the front beam. Time to get the correct size drill bit, this is where my Zeus table book comes in. (Very cheap to buy) img_0177


Having a list of tap and drill sizes are a great help so out came a good drill bit and corded drill to start the work. Big issues drilling though, the bolt didn’t shear cleanly and I couldn’t get to the end with a file to flatten off so my drilling went off centre. Other factors were involved but in the end I had a mess to deal with. So out came the whole mount with a massive drill bit, slow going but left me with a nice clean hole.  A quick job on a borrowed lathe and I had a new insert which was welded in and cleaned up, job done. Probably not the best way to go and I would recommend paying a bit more attention to drilling out bolts but when it all goes wrong stop and have a good think about it because there is always a simple solution out there and you don’t need to throw money at it.

I finished off with cleaning up the frames head back to bare metal and treating it with a bit of chemical rust remover. Time to buy some paint me thinks.




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