Quick Catch up of work

Like with most people, everything stopped for Christmas but it didn’t mean I didn’t have a few moments to get jobs done.

Managed to get some red oxide primer and black chassis paint off eBay so out came the paint brushes to give the bear metal some protection.


I managed some little jobs as well like cleaning up the floor pans and rear of the chassis with an angle grinder and wire brush.

Time to fit the throttle pedal so out came the restored pedal assembly to bolt onto the floor, of course it didn’t fit properly. The bolt holes on the central tunnel didn’t line up due to the new floor mount sitting too high but I left it as a job to do later. I got the pedals lined up as best as I could and used it as a reference to position the throttle pedal mount.


A quick check of the measurements I made before I removed the old floor and I was happy to weld the mount in.


With that done I went around the seams with a bit of brushable seam sealer, will do the underside when I have the wheels back on to support it in a upright position.

Carrying on with the red oxide made the garage and house very smelly with paint solvents so after complaints from the wife I had to stop and wait for a nice day and do it outside.


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