Rear Hubs, back plates and wheels

With both axels re-fitted to the gearbox and the small nuts loosely fitted on the gearbox, it’s time to fit the hub seals and rear back plates.

Ive already cleaned these parts up ready to fit but there is a small drain hole that runs through the backplate and hub cap. Mine was fully blocked with oil, dirt and paint but with a small drill bit I was able to clear the holes ready to re fit the parts with new gaskets and oil seals.


with the flange on the axel tube cleaned the backplate was first to go on. Then on went 2 new o rings, and another double paper gasket and a new press fit oil seal located in the end cap (hard to remove and hard to fit without a press tool the correct size).


The 4 bolts were then tightened up. Then the split gaitors fitted, which is hard to get right and requires a little patience to ensure a good seal. The flange on the split gaitor should point to the rear to prevent leakage, allow flex when the axels move up and down and to prevent dirt flowing into the flange due to the direction of travel of the car.

Time to fit the gearbox to the chassis with new mounts fitted loosely to allow some movement which aligning the bolt hols on the car. (Hint keep everything loose to allow for easy alignment).

I used the old seals at the front of the gearbox here because I couldn’t find replacements.


The front mount is also fitted with the gearbox earthing strap. I added a line copper grease here to help with conduction and keep rust down.


The large bolts on the rear chassis legs are easily cross threaded so take time with these, if they don’t go in by hand you might have to re tap the threads. Once I had mine all lined up properly, I used a little thread lock on the mounts and then went around tightening all the nuts and bolts.

Next, suspension plates and brakes.

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